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Staff : Listing
Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.


Staff list
Name Email Phone
Carmen Arakelian unavailable
Amy Bisaillon unavailable
Aaron Brazelton unavailable
Matt Brown unavailable
Taylor Carvalho unavailable
Eric Christensen unavailable
Danielle Crooks unavailable
Jessica Ellerbach unavailable
Hayley Elszasz unavailable
Lauren E Ettinger unavailable
Benjamin Gauley unavailable
Lisa George 202-464-6583
Fiorella Gutierrez unavailable
Phuong Quynh Hoang unavailable
Megan Huber unavailable
Brittany Jacoby unavailable
Greg Johnson unavailable
Kennon Jones unavailable
Magdalena Juenge 2024646594
Ana Lisa LePera unavailable
Kelly McNulty unavailable
Jessica Mead 202 464 6993
Carlyn Messinger unavailable
Amirah Nelson unavailable
Meghan Reidy unavailable
Kelly Ryan unavailable
Marcus Smith unavailable


Staff list
Name Email Phone
Ms. Amy Fisher Bruey 202-464-6590
Ms. Bethany Gilchrist 202 464 6737
Mr. Alex Joensen unavailable
Ms. Ariel Klein unavailable
Mr. William O'Roark 202-464-6992
Ms. Lauren Perrino 202-464-6564
Ms. Kedryn Samson unavailable
Ms. Roya Zahed 202-464-6986

Kosovo Staff

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Shpetim Bylykbashi unavailable
Claire Griffith unavailable
Molly Morley unavailable
Marija Nikolic unavailable
Jonathan Papp unavailable
Jessica Rojsuontikul unavailable
Ms. Christine Tran 202-464-6741
Barry Wilhelm unavailable